Therese Hagbyhn

My name is Therese Hagbyhn I am a fooball player  and I am  23 years of age.  I received  the offer to go to college when I was 18 years old straight after I came out of highschool.  At first I was just going to stay for one year, but it ended up with me staying for four years and coming home with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Leadership.  I went to a college in Columbia, Kentucky named Lindsey Wilson College.  It is a very small school with a really good soccer team.  In my second year we got all the way to the Nationals in Alabama  That was an experience I will never forget.  Every game had a meaning,  If we lost we had to pack and go home.  It was one game every day andit was the toughest thing I have ever experienced in soccer.  To win the Nationals (NAIA) was an unreal feeling that I have hard time describing.  To be able to share this with your coaches and teammates who have been with you the whole time was amazing.  After the victory, the president of the school bought us dinnerand we were told that we could  choose anything we wanted.  Then to cap it all, on our way home we were  escorted by cop cars and fire trucks and the whole school was there to celebrate with us.  As a prize you got a big ring, a shirt, a medal, but most important of all, memories for life.

Winning the Nationals is really big in the USA.  As a soccer player this opened the door to stay in the USA for the summer and play with a club teams on a professional level. I played with a club team called the Colorado Rapids.

Getting the chance to go to college has made me a stronger person.  You learn about different cultures, find friends from all over the world, travel the country for away games, and you learn how to take care of yourself.  This is something I will never regret, it has opened doors across the whole world for me.  I would really recommend  taking  the college route.

Life after college: I have decided to continue my education and  I am reading for a Masters in finance at the university of Jönköping. I now play soccer at Mariebo in division one.


Therese Hagbyhn

Winning NAIA Division One Nationals

Allexander Wennstam

Winning NCAA Division One Nationals

I am 24 years old and am a professional golf player. For the last five years I have been studying and playing golf in the USA where I attended Augusta University in Georgia and where I got a scholarship for playing golf.  I played golf for the school for four and a half years and in my last semester I got the chance to be assistant coach while I was finishing my studies.  I graduated in December 2015 with a bachelor’s degree inFinance. Through playing for the university golf team I got the unreal chance to play Augusta National Golf Course which is where they play the Masters’- this is a memory I will never forget!


During my first year at college I got to play alongside Henrik Norlander and Patrick Reed, two players who now play on the PGA tour, Patrick already being a multiple tournament winner. I also got to play in a playoff against Jordan Spieth while competing at our home tournament at Forest Hills. Going to college gave me the  opportunity to practice and compete with top players from all over the world .  We succeeded in winning the NCAA Championship for the second year in the row during my freshman year and not only are you presented with a ring for winning this Tournament, you also get to shake hands with the American president.  It is hard to understand how big this really is, when we do not have anything similar in Sweden.  In the USA, pretty much everyone knows what the NCAA Championship is, as they show it on the biggest TV channels and to win is very cool. Suddenly, people on the street sad hi to us, we were on billboards,  lunch places gave us discount on our food! 

In college you play as a team which is very motivational, however it is hard on some situations too.  The

whole team need to play well to be able to win a tournament, but when this happens it is an amazing

feeling because you celebrate as a team. At the same time you always fight to be best as an individual. There are a lot of qualification rounds in the USA, which might be hard to start with but you get used to it.  Usually there are around 8-13 players in a team and just 5 get to compete. It is always a battle who will go and who will not! 


Alexander Wennstam