Currently studying business management at Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana, as a student athlete on RMC ski team. The opportunity to not only keep ski racing, but also start my college education along with the continued life of ski racing—the life as I know it, was, and is, a choice that I will never regret. After four years on Solleftea Ski Academy, followed by 2 years of skiing independently in mainly the Nordic region I felt it was time for a change. But, I wasn’t ready to let go of skiing just to start something new; hence, college in the states turned out to be the obvious choice. The educational opportunities enabled by colleges and universities all over the world really makes it possible for athletes on all levels to attain an education while maintaining their professional outlook and simultaneously gaining a lifetime worth of different experiences. College is just the first step on the way to a great future.   

Jesper Lindström