Johan Carlsson

Advises Before College

My decision to go to college was one of the most important decisions in my life, I choiced between go pro straight away and fight myself into the tour at young age or give myself four years of experience and possibilities to develop my golf. I choiced college and came home at the age of 25 and started my golf career relativity late, but I was more mature as a person and had gotten much valuablepractise in college. I got a lot of own responsibility since I had to pass my university classes to be able to be eligible to play golf with the team.


1.Coach. Having a good coach  is important because  he is the one deciding over a large part of your time in college and can either help you succeed in your development to become great or do the opposite. The west coast often has coaches who is more liberal (Like most European coaches) The south central parts of the US  is many times different from what most Europeans are use to, They are more conservative and religious.

 2. Weather. To be able to improve you’re golf game the weather is important

3. Training facilities. Having good greens and good range balls is important. It is also important with good golf courses who you have unlimited access to. Many times you even can come back and practice for free at the schools courses after you graduated, this is a nice bonus.

 4.  School. At many schools the first two years everyone take the same classes. Make sure to decide what you want to study thought, the years go faster than you can imagine. Many foreign students decides to study Business since it creates a good bridge for the future, however business is a time consuming major. As being an international athlete to success it is important to get to know your professors, since you will be gone traveling for sports long parts of the year. Same subject with different professors might be different difficulty and another professor might have different understanding for your athletic goals and travels.


I do recommend to go to college straight after high school since than most of your friends and teammates will be the same age as you. I took a few years of before college that made me a few years older than many of the people in my school year. However this decision is very individual, some people need a few years to figure out their goals with school and their athletic future, before they come to college. This is something coaches do respect and have no problem with.

Best Regards

Johan Carlson