During my years at Rocky Mountain College, i had the opportunity to do internships that later made it possible to get the jobs after.

After my second year at Rocky i did an internship back home in Sweden for a Resort Hotel, Copperhill Mountain Lodge, i worked and reported to the Hotel Director. I worked with in the economic department where i over looked all there expenses and made reports on it that they still look at and use today. My last year i got a paid internship that would lead to a job for a financial institution one of USA largest mutual insurance companies. Northwestern Mutual, i became a financial representative and worked with them for a couple of months before graduation. During my last semester at Rocky i toke a class where you work with companies in the community and collect information that you put in to a presentation. You then travel to cities and compete against other schools that have done the same thing by presenting your accomplishments. During the regional final that we ended up winning i networked with companies that where at the competition. I meet the area manager for Sams Club (Walmart) he was a store manager for one out three in Seattle but also had little responsibility for the other two. He became a contact for me and i applied for there Manager in Training Problem and got the job as a fresh out of college. I became the youngest assistant manager in Seattle and became responsible for 4 department and over an average 30 people. Because of the experience i got at Sams Club and finishing my masters i was able to get the job im currently working at. Im a Performance Management Analyst for Coca Cola Norway, I'm analyzing our sales departments performance but working for an independent department and only report to the sales director and the Key Account Managers and director. This on how we are performing out in the market baed on the targets we set in the beginning of the year. This dream would never been possible if I didnt take the decision to go to college.


Best Regards

 Olle Friberg

Landing My Dream Job