I’m an student-athlete who study business management at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, and play for the RMC men’s soccer team. I choose to start my college career because the opportunity to play the sport that I love and at the same time get a good education. That is a choice that I will never regret. The college soccer experience for me so far has been the closest to professional soccer I’ve ever felt. What I think is the best thing about college sport is to travel all over the states, to play games and stay at all different hotels. After playing soccer in my hometown at a amateur level I felt it was time for a change. I wanted to get an education but I wasn’t ready to let go of soccer. After having a friend moving to the states and college I start reading more into it and it hit me pretty quickly that college in the states was the obvious choice. The education opportunity and the possibility of keep playing sports at all different level is what makes college so unique. I want to help student-athletes to get an experience that you will never forget.    

Mattias Hanna