Olle Friberg is from Sweden and received a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Rocky Mountain College while being on a full ride scholarship for alpine skiing. Accomplishing one team national championship tittle and two individual national championship tittles.   

Olle is now living in Oslo, Norway after finishing his Masters in Business Admin, Marketing, and Management. Olle is working for Coca Cola as a Performance Management Analyst in Oslo, Norway. "My experience that I got from my years in the USA at Rocky Mountain College is priceless. The amount of memories and friends and connections that you have the opportunity to grasp is amazing. Being on the ski team allowed me to travel around the USA and ski at some of the best ski resorts in the world meeting people from all over the world while doing the thing I love and getting a great education out of it in the end. The amount of possibilities that are at your fingertips are amazing it's only up to the individual to take it. I'm very thankful for my time over in the USA and for the friends and family's I have made and places I have seen and people I have meet. Now I want to help other from Europe especially from Sweden, Norway get the possibility of having and equally if not a better experience then what I had in USA. 

Olle Friberg