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One Day At College

“All programs are different. All sports are different. I will tell you about a ‘normal’ day in my college career. Wednesday morning starts at 6 a.m. Just opening my eyes is enough, like most early mornings. I decide to go up and boil some eggs in the morning. On the way up the stairs I see two of my roommates who are on their way up for an early soccer practice. Up in the kitchen everyone is walking past each other to get their stuff ready.

6.45 a.m. I am in the car driving to the gym. 7 a.m. I arrive at the gym, getting some handshakes from happy teammates. Stories from the weekend are shared and a heated discussion arises about the new Titleist driver. 7.15 a.m. the workout starts. We do some laps on the tracks, than go in to the gym to work out legs for an hour. There are some heavy legs leaving the gym and heading into the shower.

9 a.m. I am heading down to the cafeteria for some breakfast with my teammates. 10 a.m. my first lecture starts, it is a one and a half hour lecture about economics, and it is hard to focus. But, I do have to focus to get that ‘A’ grade I really want. After class I am dragging my feet to the next class, this one is better. It is entrepreneurship where I learn how to start a new company; we are just eight of us in the class. I am looking at the watch and see that I will need to hurry as it’s 2 p.m. and I have to get to my 3 p.m. practice. I run to the car, and drink some protein shake on the way. Practice is two hours out in the sun and we play a match between us in the team. It is hard to make golf even more fun .

Its 6 p.m. and I head home from practice. I drive straight to the library to meet up with my group for a marketing project - we are trying to build a new app for the schools marketing future. By 8 p.m. I am starting to head home, my body is tired but I am feeling good. On the way home I meet some friends who convince me to go for some nachos and good talk. 11 p.m. I lay down in bed exhausted but happy because I know I will get the chance to do the same thing tomorrow.”

This was normal day at College for me, being a college athlete you are busy. To me, it is a good busy as you are doing something you love, with other people who are in the same boat. It is an opportunity of a lifetime; I am so grateful I took it. An experience I want to help you to get!

Fredrik Savestrand