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One Day At College by Carl-Johan Oster

Being a athlete for an University means a schedule full of activities. The school is what

your days get the most time consuming. In my case ive been putting up my own class

scheduele so my classes are in the mornings.

So how can a day look like for a alpine college skier.

7.30: I usually try to go up early in the morning to have a good breakfast and go to the

library. That is beacasue I tend to be more focused in the morning.

8.00: The school is really close to our house and with my scooter as a transport, im there

in no time.

Between 8 - 9.30 am I try to get as much homeworks as I can. Or I prepar myself for the

class that I have that day.

9.30 I walk over campus towards my class. The campus is always full of students

walking to there class at this time. English 120 is what I have today and we are working

on a group project on how to improve the safety on campus. The classes at a university

in the US are usually creative and fun.

11 am : Is when my math class starts. Math which is my subject that I struggle with the

most! We are over 50 students in the same class with 10-12 tutor walking around

helping us with all problems you need help with.

After math I need to get back home to the house and have a quick lunch for being ready

to go down to south campus and have a workout with the team. We have workouts

every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with our strength coach.

The workouts are really tuff and are different from time to time. We have offseason

traingn and in season training.

12.45: Our training today is all about endurance and strength with high pace. Starting

with a warm up for 20 minutes. The workout starts with weighted movements to get the

body ready for the training cycle that the coach have put up on the board.

Our main focus today is stadium intervals, which means that we are running all the stair

that the football stadium have to provid us. I can tell you guys that it is a lot of stairs.

Albuquerque is on kind of high altitude aswell so that make the lounges work evene


After practice we usually go to the physios and doctors to check old or new injuries.

They want us to go there to prevent injuries. So what we get is massage, stretching and

electronic steam for the area that we have problems with. / Carl-Johan Oster