Susan Beks is from the Netherlands and is currently studying business and sports management with a minor in PE and Health at Rocky Mountain College. She is also skiing for the Rocky ski team and has accomplished 5 all American team prizes.and came 6th at the National Championships in her first year at Rocky Mountain College. “The opportunities you get in college and being an athlete are priceless. Being able to combine the sport you love most and a college or university level education is an opportunity you can’t find everywhere. My days consist of going to classes in the mornings and workouts in the afternoons with the team. In the winter we switch the dryland training for ski training at our home mountain. During the winter we travel all over the US for races, meet people from all over the world, and still go to school as well. Since we all have gone through the same process, I know how hard it is to get into college, that’s why I know how to help and assist you through it. There are thousands of schools out there in different divisions and programs, but I can help you find the right one. When you have this experience and get the opportunity to study abroad, it doesn’t only look good on your resume, you also make friends and memories for a lifetime. Since I think it is really important to have a college degree beside your career as an athlete, I want help Europeans to have the possibility of combining these two in America.”

Susan Beks